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Well System Inspections

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Drinking Water from Household Wells

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There are over 800,000 wells in the state of Wisconsin and one quarter of the population relies on them. Its the homeowners responsibility to take care of the maintenance and protection of their own private well(s). Often many people when purchasing a home overlook the well system and its condition.  

There are many key components of a well that need to be working properly to give its best potential of providing safe drinking water and adequate water pressure for the home.  There may be cracks in the well casing, waterlogged pressure tanks, faulty pressure switch, or even leaks in the piping and much more.  Issues can cause the pump to run steady which causes wear and tear on the pump as well as unnecessary rise in energy costs. Most importantly the well should supply safe drinking water. Many of the issues can be easily overlooked and can end up having costly repairs when its not inspected.

Avoid the unwanted surprises and call a professional to give you the assurance you need to have a SAFE and proper working well and pressure system.

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