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Septic System are a hefty chunk of cash to repair or replace.  They can range anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 to replace. Many times they are needed to be replaced due to a lack of maintenance. Routine Pumping and inspections are key to keep these systems in working order and to get the most life from the investment.     

​Septic System Inspections​

During a Real Estate Septic Inspection all visible components are looked at.  The manhole cover is opened and a "stress" test is ran.  This determines how the drain-field is functioning when water is ran through the system as well as any issues of any effluent backing up into the household.  All tanks are pumped out and cleaned to determine the condition of the tank and all the components such as baffles, filters, pumps, alarms, and electrical conditions. Make sure you hire a qualified and experienced inspector that knows what to look for so a more accurate and realistic determination of the functionality of the system!    

What does it mean if my septic failed or is failing?

Septic system is discharging sewage to surface water, groundwater, drain tiles, bedrock or zones of saturated soils. As well as sewage is discharging to the surface of the ground or backup into the structure served.

Real Estate Septic / Well Inspections